Espresso – Light or Dark Roast?

 As I begin writing this, I am gauging if I’m really in the right frame of mind to write a paragraph or two of nonsense; and so far, I think I might be feeling the certain juices necessary to blog on this. Take me lightly, since I am writing for fun. So, concerning espresso, which is it – light or dark roast?

 Ask me for the whole truth and nothing but, and I shall give it:

I’ve been battling with myself recently. Every time I take a sweet sip of velvety smooth, warm milk blended to complete perfection with the pinnacle of our culinary world, which we discovered just centuries ago: I am concerned. Do I prefer the rich, caramelized, roasted taste of an Italian espresso or the gently beautiful aromas and flavors of a light roast, with all of its own character to be divided and named individually anew every morning and night?

I have mentioned character. Let me wander there. Both have character – and good ones at that. If compared to trees, the first is like an oak, the other a dogwood – one strong and powerful, the other soft and sweet. Neither’s character is necessarily better than the other, just different and great in their own respects, but still that begs the question of which one.

Like most anything at my age, I fear this might remain a fickle desire; for mostly, if not all, I desire the boldness of a darker roast for my espresso, but still I am tempted to see what could become of other coffees if passed through the same rigor of heat and pressure. I don’t think I could ever commit to one or the other, but then again, I am young, and have not yet stuck myself in my ways.

Ask me simply: My answer is dark.


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