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can't sleep

well, though only two people will ever read this, i'll just post this to have something to do. right now i can't sleep, mainly b/c i need a job and since i don't have one, i'm left to sleep in late which causes me to go to bed late and it's a horrible cycle. I would like a job, if only just to regulate my sleep! i had a good night tonight. i went to a guy's Bible study, where we kicked off a series of weekly get-togethers. we'll be learning and talking about how to grow closer to God and stay closer to Him. God and i both know that i am in desperate need of some help with that. i, then, went out with some friends and went home. i went to my room and just spent some time talking to God through singing and pouring my heart out to Him. before i go to bed i'll read His Word and finish talking to Him by letting Him talk to me. i need Him so much. i left my "worship service" b/c God was laying on my heart what we should sing for tomorrow night's