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So I started this blog up again with the intent of updating every two weeks or so. Well, it's been close to three weeks now. I guess being a 22 year old freshman at a new school assumes the obligation of being the topic of this blog entry. I'll start with my trip up here. On January 15th, darkish-early at 4:40am, I set out on about a 700-mile trip from Winston-Salem, NC, to Jackson, MI. I foolishly stayed up until 12am the night before, trying to pack away nearly all of my belongings. This left me with all of four hours to sleep. Anyway, yea, I said my goodbyes and set out wide-eyed and with much anticipation to reach my destination. Needless to say, my once wide eyes quickly turned to half-closed with lids weighing down like anchors. About two or three hundred miles into the drive, I began to drift into split-second naps. One after the other came and went, until I realized what a danger I was to myself and the others around me. So at mile-marker 154, I took the exit, drove