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Open Doors

Lord-willing, I'll start my drive back to school around 4 tomorrow morning. Because of this, and the fact that I don't have my own personal computer, I'll hardly be updating my blog as much. My hopes are to blog once every week or two. Anyway... As being a Christian who has seen God open so many doors, it would be impossible for me to ever believe that God does not exist. Even K-LOVE Radio has mentioned that, if you listen long enough, you'll hear story after story of how God has been faithful to answer prayers. They go on to say there are so many coincidences of exact answer to prayer that there's no way we could believe they're only coincidences. We can obviously see that God is real, He cares about our lives, and He's waiting to hear from us. Like I said, I've seen God open many doors. Some of those doors being just recently within the past five months. I guess I should preface the rest by saying that God has called me to the mission field. This requi

Another So Soon?

Am I posting a blog again so soon? Yup. There's a lot on my mind, I guess. If I were to re-title this, I'd call it "Anxious, Overwhelmed, and Guilt." These are the three feelings that summarize me right now. On that note, I'll elaborate. "Anxious: experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome." If you asked me if I was nervous a week ago, you heard a confident "No." But now I think I may feel a bit uneasy about a whole new venture (yes, that's venture, not a typo for ad venture). These are the things that I'm not worried over, but concerned about: a solitary (confinement) ten hour drive, a large school bill that will require trusting God to see paid off (by the way, I struggle with trust), a brand new institution of people that I've never met yet I'll expect to befriend, and another dive into study of which I've taken a two-year break. I think any stude

A New Beginning

As a follow-up to one of my best friends' (Ben Hungerford) suggestions, I'll work on blogging more in order to keep those interested updated on the news in my life. Right now, I'm beginning a new chapter as I'm planning to head back to school in just a few days. This time, instead of an 18 year-old freshman, I'll be 22. Lots have changed since my first walk through college; self-discipline, desire, focus: to name a few. I no longer have the distraction of a freshly broken relationship of three years. I will no longer struggle to maintain a late-night job through the week. I now have a pull to exceed among my peers, and a passion to learn what I believe God has ordained me. The same question has been asked of me over and over again, "Are you excited?". Sure, of course I'm excited to acquire some independence. But really, if you want better insight to how I feel, I'm ready . God first called me to the mission-field when I was just nine years. Well, d