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DIY: Coil Coffee Chiller

I was recently shown a new innovation in coffee preparation – a way to chill 200°F coffee down to 45°F without dilution or an extended chill-time in a refrigerator. In essence, it uses the method of a still to cool down steaming hot liquid via chilled, coiled copper. Because this contraption is selling for $180+, and because of how easy this sounded to build, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures during the build process, except for a picture of the outcome, so you’ll probably have to re-read some of this a couple times. You may even find it easier, after reading, to swap out my ideas with your own. You’ll need: a narrow 2-qt jar, preferably at least 4″ wide some sort cylindrical-like object that is 0.5″ shorter in width than your jar a rubber grommet (Outer Diameter: 7/16″, Inner Diameter: 3/16″) 10 feet of 1/4″ copper coil a drill with 3/8″ and 5″16″ drill bits Since I borrowed a drill and didn’t need to buy bits, this only cost me $20. I used a Mainstays jar from W