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Let Me Out!

Satan’s goal is to mimic Christianity closely, but only close enough to miss the mark and lead everyone away from the actual saving knowledge of the justifying work of Jesus Christ. It seems now, in this culture, that Satan’s tactic will work out in his favor more than ever before. Why? Because this culture has been so saturated by selfish, wicked, anti-God ideology, that anything better than human trafficking looks like perfection to us. Our culture is currently driven by comical media, unintelligent humor, exaggeration, sarcasm and shallow relationships. I am influenced by all of these. We talk to each other out of insecurity. We base our choices off of distrust. We hide who we really are. And we live hypocritically because we’re too driven by self-image to live honestly. I’m sick of my culture. And I’m fed up with my generation of short-sighted people who only seek what they think is best for themselves, not realizing the doom they’re ignorantly and foolishly sowing towards. I’m tir