Let Me Out!

Satan’s goal is to mimic Christianity closely, but only close enough to miss the mark and lead everyone away from the actual saving knowledge of the justifying work of Jesus Christ. It seems now, in this culture, that Satan’s tactic will work out in his favor more than ever before. Why? Because this culture has been so saturated by selfish, wicked, anti-God ideology, that anything better than human trafficking looks like perfection to us.

Our culture is currently driven by comical media, unintelligent humor, exaggeration, sarcasm and shallow relationships. I am influenced by all of these. We talk to each other out of insecurity. We base our choices off of distrust. We hide who we really are. And we live hypocritically because we’re too driven by self-image to live honestly. I’m sick of my culture. And I’m fed up with my generation of short-sighted people who only seek what they think is best for themselves, not realizing the doom they’re ignorantly and foolishly sowing towards. I’m tired of listening to my peers speak and act out of the culture that has been fed to us via movies, music, news, television, clothing stores and facebook. I’m tired of acting the same way. Does anyone in our generation, in our culture, think for themselves anymore? Is it even possible? Creativity is thought by our culture to be a sort of unintelligent abstraction that no longer communicates the author’s message, but rather whatever feels right to each individual person. What absurdity! What idiocy! And all the while, I would be considered oppressive for making such a judgment.

Is there hope for this generation, for this culture? I say not. Not unless the Church made some incredible segue into Hollywood, or better yet abandoned it altogether. The stories being used to brainwash us are so frequent, and so regular, that it seems too many have been deceived away from biblical philosophy. And now, what seems good and right to us, is actually still sin. It is still far from the character of God, yet we are too blind to the truth to recognize any distinction.

Has the older generation been right when they tell us how much worse the world has become during their lifetime? Probably, but that’s still not the issue. I believe the issue is that we are failing to abandon the lies that have acculturated us, to instead replace them with the truth that is presented in God’s Word. We justify our “on-the-fence” behavior by rationalizing our sin with the distortion we have accepted from our culture. However, I believe God considers what we call “on the fence” to be an outright defilement of His grace.

So what can we do? What should we do? Well, our worldview is largely built on the stories we hear. From the time we are children to the golden years, our perception of life is being built by the stories we choose to subject ourselves to. About seventy or eighty percent of God’s Word is a story. Do you think that is by accident? No. God desires for His Word to be the foundation from which we are perceiving and interpreting life. Would it then be wise to recognize that most of Hollywood’s production is geared towards stories, whether through movies or television or music? I think so. I think it would be wise to unplug the cable to our TV’s, or to invest our movie money to something more worthwhile. It’s time that we exchange the lies of our culture with the Truth from God’s Word! Don’t count me as a legalist. That would be far from accurate. I’m only suggesting that we stop long enough to see that this world, Satan’s world, is at work to hinder the gospel. At what point will you say no to the corruption, and say yes to Reality?


Rae Bruce said…
It's cool how we can live responding to Grace,and that because of ongoing issues in my own life I have nothing to be proud of but because of all God gifted us in Christ, we should live confidently and unashamed. This Spirit enabled perspective allows me to be "In the World but not of it". Eusebeia baby.

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