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In Training With New Tribes Mission

Just nine days ago, I had the first opportunity of enjoying the presence of my first nephew. Far from my original plans was it to drive half an hour into the next city. Calling it a night at High Point Regional Health, I drove home pulling into the driveway around 12 AM. I had hoped to be packed and ready for my 600+ mile trip to NTBI by 9 PM, so I could go to bed and wake up around 4 AM. However, I was not ready until 2 AM, and so decided to go ahead and hit the road. Now, let me tell you my reason for writing this blog: Student Training Program. I was able to arrive unharmed at 5:15 that evening, just in time for a long awaited BBQ dinner in the courtyard of NTBI. This was the introduction to a week of an intensive look into man's position in Christ, and how that relates to different principles of spiritual growth and leadership. Each morning for the past seven days has been packed with lectures, discussions, and studies, which have exhausted our minds and stretched our understa

Are All Sins Equal?

I wrote a post with this same title many years ago, and I noticed that it was quite lacking. This is that same post revisited and majorly revised.